Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Laws Prohibiting Photography

Almost everyone has a camera on their phone.  The proliferation of photographs has exploded.  Most are digital and last till the crash of the computer or phone where they reside.  Many wind up on Facebook or some similar social media.  So what restrictions are afoot?

Texas and several other states are considering the restriction of photography of folks in the public venue, with out the consent of anyone identifiable in the photograph.    Sooo,  you take a picture of your family on vacation, you would need a release from each of the family members, and any identifiable ancillary person in the picture, even in the back ground.  IF you have verbal permission how do you document it?  It would ultimately need written verification.   That you would need to keep on file.  (maybe video permission).

So you are at a wedding taking pictures and you need a permit from every wedding attendee, or you are at your kid's ball game you would have to be extremely careful to keep the other participants out of the picture.   OR have permissions for each person in the picture.  Or your kids and their friends are having fun and they take a selfie, that too would require permission from each participant or each participant's guardian.  So where will it stop.

Do you recall video/pictures of the police being overly aggressive and the impact some of those pictures have had.  Consider that the police would have to give you permission to take that picture.  Scary in that suddenly the government can effectively restrict photography to the point of impossibility.   This wold effectively pass a great deal of power to the government, keeping their public activity private...This i find disturbing.

This is centered around the idea of privacy.  That we somehow have a right to privacy.  We do have a right to prevent random search and seizure, (unless you are at an alcohol check point) but not privacy.  That is to say what you do in the public places is simply that it is public.  While it may sound popular to restrict that venue,  the consequences are not what anybody would be comfortable to live with.   It is time to step up and pay attention.  This stuff is getting serious.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Camera.... for Christmas... HELP!!!

At the End of 2013 my wife got a new car.  It has many of the features of her old car, but as a different brand she has had to learn how to do many of the things she did with out thought on the old car.  She announced last evening the GPS was no good and she would not be using it unless she absolutely had to.  Which means she will not use it, because if she never learns how to use it, she will not know how to use it when she needs to.
In the same way I am sure many of you have a new camera either a dslr or a point and shoot for Christmas.  And you have it set on automatic.  The question becomes are you getting the results from your new camera you had hoped?  With a new or updated system comes new opportunities and challenges.   If you find you are having trouble post your problem along with the make and model of your camera and I will do my best to answer your questions.  I find most folks only use about 10% of their camera's ability because they either don't know how to use more or don't know it is even there.  So there you go, the offer of free advice....


Thursday, December 19, 2013

A potential Danger in Props...

Just saw a picture of a baby on his dads fire fighting out fit.  I did not post the picture because I do not have the rights.  There is a problem with this.  Fire fighter outfits once used have been proven to be one of the factors in increased cancer's in fire fighters.  I suspect exposing a baby to the outfit would pose a safety problem.  I would say if  you want to use such a prop. Be sure it has never been used.  OR has been expertly professionally cleared of the carcinogens.  I personally would opt for the never been used.

More on props to come.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Photo Dream....

I have been reviewing pictures in Detroit of the wonderful buildings in decay from abandonment.  With each picture I can easily see the loss of jobs, livelihood and it is just depressing. AND at the same time I see WOW what a great place to shoot.   What would happen if we could put together a group of photographers, models and videographers and do art shoots, documentary and much much more.

This link is a just some of the photo's I have been viewing.  




Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A motle crue

I had a quick evening to spend at the local  Austin Comicon.  Since I had not been to one I did not really know what to expect.  Pleasantly, I  found it to be a  fun evening of shooting.  No real photography edginess here just fun with some fun folks.  Sure William Shatner was there.  These guys were a lot more fun,  sorry Captain Kirk.    So here are some of the pict of some really fun folks.  I will be back at comicon soon.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wow  time for some  Photography Christmas Gift Ideas for 2013.  Or how to have a great camera for under $450  There I saved you money....or Decorate your home/office with original Art....

First of all there are some great art photography prints you can order from www.jackartphotography.com all are signed and numbered and limited editions.   These original prints framed or un framed make great gifts and help this photographer keep on shooting.   Order by the 18th for Christmas Delivery in the US.  

You know my long held love affair with the Sony digital point and shoot.  This year is no different but the camera is.  IF you are considering a digital DSLR STOP.  Of course if you are a professional photographer you already know what you want.  But if you want to shoot your family, you kids and even video them in high definition and a 50x zoom with image stabilization and you don't shoot professionally i like the Sony DSC HX300 it is under $450 so it is a great buy.   I have recommended this camera to several friends and all are still my friends.  It is simply a great camera very versatile for most family and personal photography.

It fits
in your hand very comfortably.   So what does it have?  A choice of settings from fully automatic to 
manual.  It does not shoot bulb.  If  you don't know what Bulb is or don't need to use it, this is the camera for you.  The zoom is from 24mm to over 1200 millimeter (50 time zoom)  it also will do panorama pictures shooting several pictures at once and then stitching them together in the camera.  The built in flash will not shoot a wedding but it will perform most family shooting well.  The 20 mp camera delivers a sharp picture you can easily enlarge to 11x14 or bigger.    
Last year I recommended the Sony DSC HX 200 to a friend for his girl friend.  She loved the camera,  but did break up with him.  So if you get it to give to your significant other as a present do not think it will save your relationship.   

More to come